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Family Violence: Defend Your Rights Against These Serious Charges

One of the most severe allegations that anyone can face is that of violence against a family member. The mere accusation of domestic violence can cause long-term damage to one’s reputation. A conviction can result in a fine of up to $10,000 and up to 99 years in prison.

You need a strong defense against domestic abuse charges and Frank Long, Attorney at Law is here to help you. Former district attorney Frank Long defends clients throughout Northeast Texas. Whether you face state or federal charges or are only under investigation, he will work aggressively to protect your rights.

Ask For An Attorney And Then Remain Silent

It is natural to want to explain your side of the story to the police when accused of a violent offense. Don’t be tempted. Law enforcement is not ‘just shooting the breeze.’ They are actively questioning you for evidence. You should not speak with any law enforcement officers until you have consulted an attorney!

Domestic abuse cases often hinge on the testimony of participants. The less you say, the less likely you are to incriminate yourself or make statements that can be used against you in court. If the police try to interview, politely invoke your right to remain silent, only speaking to request an attorney and then remain silent until a lawyer is present.

What Are Some Possible Defense Strategies?

You may feel as if the world has already deemed you guilty. Do not give up hope. Attorney Frank Long will examine all potential defenses for his clients, including:

  • Self-defense
  • Discredited accusations
  • Unreliable witnesses
  • Police mistakes
  • Lack of evidence

You should contact Frank Long, Attorney at Law, as soon as possible, as it is critical to have enough time for your attorney to investigate your case and protect your rights.

Get Help Now For Domestic Violence Charges

Based in Sulphur Springs, attorney Frank Long is available to provide the assertive representation that you need and deserve. To schedule a completely free initial consultation and to discuss your case, please call 903-689-4325 or send an email to get help as soon as possible.