A Former Prosecutor Fighting For You

Frank Long was an experienced prosecutor who uses that experience to protect you when you face criminal charges

Experienced & Aggressive Texas Criminal Defense Attorney

Experienced Criminal Defense Representation

When you are facing criminal charges, knowing how the prosecutor’s office thinks is crucial.

At the law office of Frank Long, Attorney at Law, we know how the system works. We have more than 35 years of legal experience and are very familiar with how the criminal justice system functions and how the local courts treat various crimes.

In addition, Frank Long is a former prosecutor and former elected District Attorney. He knows how prosecutors treat crimes and how they develop cases. We provide aggressive representation based on decades of working on both sides of criminal cases in Northwest Texas.

Practice Areas


Drug Crimes

Sexual Assault And Violent Crimes

Federal Criminal Charges

You Need A Defense Attorney!

A criminal charge is unlike anything you have experienced. In the courtroom, you are alone. The prosecutors and law enforcement are there to see you convicted. The judge can’t help and without an experienced defense attorney representing your interests and protecting your rights, you are at the mercy of the court. And courts in Texas are not known for mercy.

We know how to protect your interests and work to obtain the best possible outcome for your specific facts.

Charged With A DWI Or Drug Crime?